Hi, I’m Elan

I run Off-Menu, a brand studio specializing in story & differentiation.

We help startups figure out what makes them uniquely memorable so they can break out as the next big thing. And use their differentiated story as a North Star to drive everything they do. 


While what I do isn’t especially unique, how I do it might surprise you. 

My approach is narrative-driven, designed to give your team a differentiated brand story that sits at the heart of everything you do.


Insights fuel differentiation

They make people feel things; and when things are felt, people remember them. 

I specialize in surfacing these insights.

And use them to reframe the opportunity in an entirely new way.

Culminating in a clear path forward that energizes the team.

Then the fun begins — partnering with the best creatives in the game to bring your story to life.

Sound Appetizing?

Shoot me a note at elan@off-menu.com with a few sentences around what you’re building & how I might be able to help.

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Elan Miller

Founder Off-Menu • Strategy Vector DAO • Previously Twitter